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Java 8 Lambdas & Streams

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Video Description

Introduction to Functional Programming in Java

In this Java 8 Lambdas and Streams training course, expert author Madhusudhan will teach you how to develop Java applications using Java 8. This course is designed for users that already have experience with Java.


You will start by learning about lambdas, including the lambda syntax, target typing, and lambda scoping. From there, you will learn about interfaces, functions, streams, and stream common operations. This video tutorial also covers advanced streams, including grouping, partitioning, and flat map. Finally, you will learn about parallel streams, including serial execution, sequential or parallel, and performance measurements.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have gained a solid understanding of functional Java programmin


Course Curriculum

Chapter 1:Introduction
1.What You Should Expect From This Course 00:00:30
Chapter 2:Basics
2.Why Java 8? 00:05:15
3.Brief Introduction To Java 8 New Features 00:09:42
4.What Are Lambdas? 00:04:40
5.Creating A Lambda 00:06:45
6.Example Lambda Expressions 00:05:50
Chapter 3:Lambdas
7.Lambda Syntax 00:04:55
8.Target Typing 00:04:56
9.Capturing Lambda 00:05:56
10.Lambda Scoping 00:04:54
11.Method References 00:04:41
12.Constructor References 00:03:29
13.Type Inference 00:04:26
Chapter 4:Interfaces
14.Interface Makeover 00:03:22
15.Functional Interfaces 00:03:56
[email protected] Annotation 00:04:34
17.Default And Static Methods 00:04:49
18.Inheriting Behaviour 00:03:24
19.Multiple Inheritance 00:06:17
20.Abstract Versus Interfaces 00:03:06
Chapter 5:Functions
21.What Are Functions? 00:03:59
22.Predicate Functions 00:03:50
23.Composing Predicates 00:06:19
24.Consumer Functions 00:06:02
25.Supplier Function 00:02:43
26.Function Function 00:06:38
Chapter 6:Additional Functions
27.Composing Functions 00:05:09
28.Primitive Functions-Part 1 00:03:37
29.Primitive Functions-Part 2 00:03:37
30.Two Argument BiPredicates 00:05:18
31.Two Argument BiConsumers 00:03:51
32.Two Argument BiFunctions 00:04:25
Chapter 7:Streams
33.Introduction Streams Part 1 00:04:05
34.Introducing Streams Part 2 00:02:43
35.Working With Streams 00:06:06
36.Creating Streams 00:05:39
37.Iteration Strategies 00:05:10
38.Lazy And Eager Operations 00:04:26
39.Streams Versus Collections 00:02:53
40.Primitive Streams 00:03:55
Chapter 8:Stream Common Operations
41.Filtering 00:03:52
42.Mapping 00:03:09
43.Collecting 00:04:26
44.Distinct Limit And Skip 00:03:23
45.Short Circuit Operations 00:04:31
46.Reducing 00:03:32
47.Optional – Part 1 00:03:05
48.Optional – Part 2 00:05:39
Chapter 9:Advanced Streams
49.Grouping 00:05:15
50.Partitioning 00:04:12
51.Collectors 00:07:41
52.Flat Map 00:02:53
53.Range And Stats 00:03:15
Chapter 10:Parallell Streams
54.Serial Execution 00:03:37
55.Parallel Execution 00:02:29
56.Behind The Scenes 00:04:39
57.Sequential Or Parallel 00:06:00
Chapter 11:Conclusion
58.Wrap Up 00:01:48
Java 8 Lambdas & Streams_Working files
Java 8 Lambdas & Streams_Working files 00:00:00

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