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Course Description

Big Data is a Big Deal – and you have to know NoSQL if you want to be current in the development marketplace. With this video training course, you’ll be getting hands on experience of MongoDB, Neo4J and Redis, three of the most popular NoSQL databases in the world. If you’re a Java programmer, you’ll also find detailed topics on how to integrate your applications. You’ll also learn why and when you would use each type of database. From Document stores, to Graph Databases and Key/Value stores, you will understand the trade offs and architectures of each type.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about the exciting new wave of NoSQL databases. Some optional chapters cover how to integrate with Java and Spring Рfor these chapters you will need previous knowledge Рour Java Fundamentals and Spring Fundamentals courses cover all the Java and Spring knowledge you need for this course.


Course Curriculum

Starting Workspaces
Starting Workspaces 00:00:00
Chapter 1.Course Introduction
1. Course Introduction – MongoDB 00:06:15
Chapter 2.Part 1 : Introducing NoSQL
2. Part 1 : Introducing NoSQL 00:34:52
Chapter 3.Part 2 : Introducing MongoDB
3. Part 2 : Introducing MongoDB 00:31:51
Chapter 4.Installing MongoDB
4. Installing MongoDB 00:19:39
Chapter 5.Mongo CRUD
5. Mongo CRUD 00:46:42
Chapter 6.Mongo Practical 1
6 Mongo Practical 1 00:17:34
Chapter 7.Mongo Operators
7. Mongo Operators 00:35:53
Chapter 8.Mongo Practical 2
8. Mongo Practical 2 00:12:05
Chapter 9.Mongo and JavaScript
9. Mongo and JavaScript 00:46:41
Chapter 10.Mongo Practical 3
10. Mongo Practical 3 00:05:48
Chapter 11.Mongo Aggregation
11. Mongo Aggregation 00:27:26
Chapter 12.Mongo Practical 4
12. Mongo Practical 4 00:12:26
Chapter 13.Mongo Profiling and Indexes
13. Mongo Profiling and Indexes 00:36:59
Mongo Profiling and Indexes_Workspaces 00:00:00
Chapter 14.Mongo and Java
14. Mongo and Java 01:08:56
Chapter 15.Mongo Replication
15. Mongo Replication 00:52:31
Chapter 16.Mongo Sharding
16. Mongo Sharding 00:55:37
Chapter 17.Part 3 : Neo4J Introduction
17. Part 3 : Neo4J Introduction 00:14:33
Chapter 18.Neo4J Installation
18. Neo4J Installation 00:11:54
Chapter 19.Neo4J Basic Graphs
19. Neo4J Basic Graphs 00:20:59
Chapter 20.Neo4J - Introducing Cypher
20. Neo4J – Introducing Cypher 00:13:05
Chapter 21.Neo4J - Cypher CRUD
21. Neo4J – Cypher CRUD 00:48:29
Chapter 22.Neo4J Walking the Graph and Case Study
22. Neo4J Walking the Graph and Case Study 00:50:31
Chapter 23.More Cypher
23. More Cypher 00:30:55
Chapter 24.Neo4J Performance
24. Neo4J Performance 00:28:41
Chapter 25.Neo4J and Java
25. Neo4J and Java 00:54:27
Chapter 26.Neo4J REST Interface
26. Neo4J REST Interface 00:34:30
Chapter 27.Part 4 : Redis Installation
27. Part 4 : Redis Installation 00:23:46
Chapter 28.Redis Basic Operations
28. Redis Basic Operations 00:22:14
Chapter 29.Redis Transactions
29. Redis Transactions 00:22:59
Chapter 30.Redis and Java
30. Redis and Java 00:11:34
Chapter 31.Redis and Lists
31. Redis and Lists 00:33:05
Chapter 32.Redis and Sets
32. Redis and Sets 00:29:09
Redis and Sets_Workspaces 00:00:00
Chapter 33.Redis Hashes and Practical
33. Redis Hashes and Practical 00:47:22
Chapter 34.Course Summary
34 Course Summary 00:30:55

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