Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Vadiraj S BilgiSenior Advisor
Former CFO, Airtel Ltd.
Ramakrishna Yarlapati Senior Advisor
Senior Vice President and Global Executive, responsible for SAP Oil and Gas Solution and Head of Business Suite Core Products at SAP Labs India
Mayank PratapSenior Advisor
Co-Founder & COO EngineerBabu

Our Values


We work agile and try to involve all, but no more than necessary, team members needed at each specific stage of the project. Thanks to our reputation and management skills, we can easily scale the team working on your project exactly when it’s needed.

Predictability and transparency

We adopt a customer-oriented approach to our work, which, for us, particularly means understanding and representing customer interests. In doing so, we act in a pragmatic, flexible and goal-oriented manner. We give our employees freedom and responsibility and consider mistakes to be valuable experiences through which we as a company learn and grow.

Readiness to meet challenges

We specialise and research further possibilities in the complex fields of intelligent transportation, connected mobility and payment integration, but we are also open to other demanding business opportunities.