Will digital transformation leads into battleground due to transparency ..?

Comparing to last decade, the technology has grown in to advance level, where transparency has shown to all major applications. The technology has brought new designs and next level service which comes with hosting of data to serve customers and brands. This leads into transplanting the data which is creating conversations on privacy. In the last decade, the data might not have protection that which can traceable of being duplicated.

As per programmatic point of view, bringing the transparency would have given the opportunity of tracing the data of being hosted around the globe. For example, the author of any blog or articles are being traced to check to copy of original data or duplicating the article in to their blogs. The technology has given such transparency to make copyright of data after hosting into network.

The direct relationship and first author of digital data has rights to make privacy, but the in-house programming practice or hybrid programming tactics which made several people to make the data in easier way. For stopping these practices, the several technologies are making transparency for the data which can be traceable around the globe.

Now a days, new practice is engaging in all companies, the data or program to be written on own practice and a panel is set which is making review of the code or article. This makes the data to be set privacy and transparency to the world. the real benefits of bringing that capability more in-house, the process should be gradual and built in a bespoke, as needed. Due to of this transparency, the conversations were heated up on owing the digital data for business impact. On one side the digital technology helping to make privacy and legal act on data but on other side it would bring the conversation on in-house hybrid practice programmers into conversations. As experts column on digital transformations, the transparency is needed to secure the data to avoid the immutable or duplicity.

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Posted by admin | February 24, 2016
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