Explore the unparalleled wealth of talent at PradeepIT - your ultimate hub for high-caliber professionals.

We are rewriting the narrative of global talent sourcing by offering companies an expansive database of Asia’s elite professionals. This in turn empowers them to recruit the most suitable candidates for their worldwide remote teams.

Embracing the Future: The Rise of the Forever-Remote Office

At PradeepIT, we’re pioneering the future of work, building a modern, permanent-remote workplace. We’re transforming the landscape of global talent sourcing by connecting businesses with a diverse pool of elite professionals from India, empowering them to populate their global remote teams with top-tier talent.

Our network, encompassing software engineers, business analysts, designers, product managers, and more, engages in long-term projects aligned with their lifestyles at PradeepIT. We offer unparalleled flexibility, comprehensive career development support, and a host of corporate perks.

Currently, PradeepIT brings together over 3,500 premier tech professionals, contributing to international projects for some of the most reputable brands and burgeoning startups worldwide.

Geeta Ari, Founder and CEO

I’d recommend PradeepIT to anyone who wants to grow, learn,
explore new cultures, and enjoy opportunities.

Envisioning Our Future

PradeepIT has emerged as a collective of over 3,500 passionate IT professionals, hailing from a wide array of technological fields. With our footprints extending to more than 20 countries and expanding continually, we are excited about the future we’re creating. Keep an eye out for our constant updates!

Our Areas of Expertise

Our experts at PradeepIT work in harmony with global Fortune 1000 firms, emerging startups, and SMBs, efficiently providing solutions and tackling intricate tech obstacles across diverse industries.

Financial Services

Software & Hi-tech

Business Info Services

Media & Entertainment

Retail & Distribution

Energy & Utilities

Travel & Hospitality


Life Sciences




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Our Values

Our core values are not mere statements; they are the lifeblood of our organization. Fundamental and vital, they form the unique essence of our enterprise and serve as the bedrock for a prosperous business.

People First

At PradeepIT, we prioritize people. Our commitment is to foster an environment that propels personal and professional development. By instilling respect, trust, and responsibility, we ensure accountability. Our focus on nurturing innovative ideas and supporting everyone to reach their maximum potential underpins our growth.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe in the power of shared knowledge. Our foundation is built on passionate individuals, and we facilitate their growth with regular knowledge sharing sessions, innovative brainstorming days, tech-rallies, and training programs. This helps us to foster a culture of continuous learning, helping us achieve our collective potential.

Customer Intimacy

Our approach to customer relationship is deeply rooted in our 'people first' philosophy. We strive for customer intimacy, fostering strong relationships based on respect, trust, and mutual growth. We are continually innovating and striving to provide the best possible support to our customers, which is key to our growth.

Quality without Compromise

Unyielding commitment to quality is at the heart of our operations. By invigorating the passion of our talented individuals and facilitating knowledge sharing activities, we uphold our promise of quality without compromise. These initiatives enable us to continually improve, and explore our individual and collective potential while maintaining our high standards.

We Deliver

Unparalleled Service Experience

Experience a premium level of service that’s guaranteed, with our bespoke, end-to-end support and services. We are highly responsive and proactive in our resolution approach and root cause analysis.

Lasting Value That's Proven

When you switch to our solutions, you ensure up to 15 additional years of service for your software. We offer this without any need for upgrades or security patches, illustrating our value that’s not just proven but sustained.

Expertise That Makes a Difference

We support hundreds of products with our global team of seasoned professionals. Our expertise is geared towards effectively addressing today’s IT challenges and enhancing future outcomes.

Why choose us?

We connect top tech talent with top global jobs. Join a community that will inspire your growth with a clear career development roadmap, in addition to these guaranteed benefits:
Remote forever
Enjoy the liberty of crafting your work around your lifestyle with employment opportunities that are structured to be remote.
Get paid at competitive global market rates and look forward to regular pay reviews as you continue to develop your skills and career.
Long-term projects
Enjoy stability and future planning with our full-time, long-term projects that allow you to map out your career and life for years ahead.
Social protection
Get all the deserved benefits including health insurance, paid leave, stable income, among others, depending on your location.
Guided career growth
Benefit from the guidance of our skill advisors who will act as your mentors, steering your career towards clear and achievable goals.
Individual project
Find the perfect project for yourself with the assistance of a dedicated project matching coordinator.
Free learning
Seize the opportunity to learn and grow with hundreds of complimentary courses, training programs and certification support resources available at PradeepIT.
PradeepIT Club
Immediately after successfully passing the Technical Interview, become part of our learning and professional networking hub - the PradeepIT Club.


At PradeepIT, our pursuit is incessantly focused on finding individuals who stand apart. We hold a firm belief that our unwavering dedication to quality stems from our team. We deeply value the cultivation of mutual respect, an appreciation for diverse cultures, and the commitment to bolster each other’s strengths, inspire one another, and to flourish as a subject matter expert in your respective field.

What our people say

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Karolina Yakovleva
Karolina YakovlevaSenior Software Testing Engineer, Ukraine
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"At PradeepIT, you can find stability, safety, great clients, and confidence in the future. It’s the level of service, care, accuracy and transparent career growth opportunities that make PradeepIT stand out among other employers."