Powering Projects with IT Staff Augmentation Services

“No more wasted interviews – interact with highly-qualified tech talent who can add value to your project.”

Staff augmentation in the realm of Information Technology is strategically leveraging external expertise to meet project-specific needs. This approach, akin to temporary staffing, addresses skill gaps in your project, ensuring its seamless execution. PradeepIT, with an experienced workforce of over 750 IT professionals, supports every aspect of IT project management. From software development and UI/UX design to rigorous testing and DevOps engineering, we’ve got you covered.

What makes PradeepIT stand out as your ideal IT partner?

Expect to receive your desired CVs complete with rates within just 24 hours.
–4 days
Our team efficiently organizes interviews with shortlisted candidates in 2 to 4 days.
7 Days
Candidates are ready to become a part of your team and kickstart the work within 7 Days.
to send your requested CVs with rates
–4 days
to organize interviews with qualified candidates
–2 weeks
to join your team and start the work

PradeepIT offer a broad spectrum of IT skills ready for deployment

Our competence in the field of IT is all-inclusive and diverse.

We have Tech Talent in Key Programming Areas


60+ developers, 50% of them hold Microsoft certificates.


30+ developers with 10-year experience on average.


60+ developers, 50% of them hold Microsoft certificates.

C++ & Qt

40+ developers, 70% of them with 10+ years of experience.


30+ developers, 50+ successful Python projects.


Experience in over 15 Golang frameworks and libraries.


35+ experts, experienced in back-end and MEAN stack development.


100+ front-end & full-stack devs skilled in Angular, React.js, and 10+ more JS tools.

React Native

10+ React Native developers, 50% are Seniors; expertise since 2015.

PradeepIT's Cutting-Edge Approach to IT Service Delivery

In recent times, we’ve observed a steady rise in the use of team augmentation services in the global IT market, growing from 4.3% to 6.3%. This growth, while not meteoric, is a clear indication of a shift in business strategy – organizations are increasingly opting to augment their existing IT teams rather than expanding them internally. Let’s delve into the compelling advantages that software development staff augmentation offers, sparking this growing interest amongst businesses.

Hourly Pay: Greater Financial Control

With an hourly rate agreed upon between you and the vendor for the IT professionals you decide to bring on board, you only pay for the actual work done. Unlike full-time employment, there are no additional costs like social benefits, paid leave, company activities, or training.

On-Demand IT Expertise: A Tailored Approach

Your IT requirements will inevitably fluctuate over time. With a staff augmentation model, you have the flexibility to hire temporary professionals with the specific skill sets you need at any given moment, eliminating the need for a large, permanent team.

Rapid Onboarding: Save Time and Reduce Pressure

Forget about the long-term commitments and pressure associated with hiring a full-time employee. The hiring process in our model is swift and efficient. At PradeepIT, we take just 2-4 days to arrange interviews with potential candidates, and work begins within 1-2 weeks.

Fresh Eyes: An Impartial Look at Your IT Setup

Bringing in an experienced specialist from outside your company can provide a fresh, unbiased view of your IT operations. They can identify potential inefficiencies and propose enhancements to your existing software system.

Outsourcing Cooperation Models We Support

IT Team Augmentation

In this model, our skilled professionals join your existing technical team, bringing their expertise to accelerate project delivery by 1.5–2 times.

This option is highly effective for businesses needing to supplement their established development teams with extra resources to meet strict project deadlines or address skill deficiencies.

Dedicated Team

PradeepIT can arrange a dedicated development team to collaborate on specified project tasks alongside your in-house team or other vendors. We offer experienced project managers to supervise our contribution and coordinate project activities using diverse communication tools such as Jira, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams.

This service is optimal for multi-team projects that require careful management of overall project progress.

Full Project Outsourcing

With this service, PradeepIT takes charge of your entire software development project, potentially saving you up to 30% in development costs by eliminating the need to hire, onboard, and train full-time tech staff.

This approach is beneficial for businesses with overwhelmed or absent tech teams that prefer minimum involvement in project management.

Managed IT services

PradeepIT undertakes the responsibility of ensuring the stability of your IT infrastructure through consistent monitoring and managing your IT operations, including help desk and security.

This solution is ideal for businesses without an in-house IT team and require a vendor to ensure a stable and productive IT environment.

Comparison Summary of Outsourcing Models

Full project outsourcing
Dedicated team
Managed IT services
Team augmentation
Speed of team assembly and cooperation start
Flexibility in workload and resource management
Predictable cost
Speed of team assembly and cooperation start
The degree of your involvement into the project management
The need to predetermine the scope of work
Easy integration of newly hired experts into your in-house IT team