Get unmatched user experience by hiring top UX/UI Designer to build intuitive design for apps, softwares, & websites

Looking for top-notch UX/UI graphic designers for your product? PradeepIT is the ideal ally for you. We take pride in delivering unique designs that have the potential to boost your customer engagement and improve your return on investment. Our team of proficient and seasoned designers, develops user-friendly frontend components ensuring your users a seamless and comprehensible navigation experience on the screen.

With PradeepIT, you can expect nothing less than the best. Let us elevate your product’s design to the next level and help you achieve success.

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How Can We Help You With UI/UX?

At PradeepIT, we provide tailored UI/UX solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts conducts extensive research to understand your business, target audience, and market trends, ensuring that our designs align perfectly with your vision and objectives.

We prioritize user experience, creating intuitive, eye-catching interfaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also promote effortless interaction and navigation. With our expertly crafted designs, we aim to enhance user engagement, retention, and satisfaction, ultimately driving your business growth and success.

Contact us today and let’s take your product to new heights!

Hire Graphic Designers from PradeepIT

User Interface
Outsourcing to PradeepIT delivers interfaces that simplify user interactions.
User Experience
Our experts craft seamless user flows for maximized application usability.
Custom Web Design
We offer bespoke designs, personalized for your application's appearance.
Responsive Design
Our designs are adaptable, ensuring compatibility across all devices.
Mobile UI/UX Design
We create appealing, user-friendly designs for mobile websites/apps.
We excel in designing intricate CRM systems beyond standard apps.

How to Hire UI/UX Designers through PradeepIT


Share your requirements.


We shortlist the most suitable talent.


Select the right fit for your business.


Remote Onboarding & Support.

Our Process


Gather information

After we get your project specification, we discuss it with you. We familiarize ourselves with your vision and design ideas to understand your needs.

Analyze market

Our account manager passes the information to UI/UX experts for estimation. You will get the approximate timelines in 1-3 days.

Offer solutions

Based on the estimation, our business development team will work out and suggest a few cooperation models.
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Launch your product

When the project is finished, we transfer all designs to you together with intellectual property rights.

Create design

Your remote part-time or full-time designers produce engaging UI/UX solutions while working from our office under our supervision.

Pricing Models

Fixed Price

The fixed price model is ideal when you have a well-defined project with specific requirements. Once you share your needs with our team at PradeepIT, our skilled UI/UX designers will evaluate the project scope and estimate the timeframes. This model provides a clear financial picture from the onset, allowing you to budget effectively for your project.

Time & Material

The Time & Material model is suitable for projects where the scope is not clearly defined or expected to change. In this case, you are billed based on the actual time our UI/UX designers or team have spent on your project. This model provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust your requirements, scale up or down, depending on the project needs.

Cost-Plus Pricing

The Cost-Plus Pricing model is associated with dedicated resources and is perfect for startups and enterprises that require design services on a full-time basis. If you need a team to manage your remote project, this model is an ideal choice. With this model, you cover the cost of resources and a markup for PradeepIT, ensuring continuous support and project management. 

Key Advantages

Cost-Effective Strategy

Offshore IT services in Ukraine come at reasonable rates. When you choose to outsource it, you can save up to 60% of your administrative expenditures. Also, be it one UI/UX expert or a dedicated team, we cover all expenses related to a workplace, accounting, and employment.

Competent UI/UX Designers

Since PradeepIT is an outsource design company, our UI/UX design team is carefully selected. Our recruiters and tech specialist check both the hard and soft skills of each designer to guarantee high quality to our clients.

Agile Project Management

PradeepIT uses best project management practices to ensure the timely delivery of our services. Our remote designers can either use your issue tracking system or they will be managed by our local PM.

Expertise Variety

At PradeepIT, we pride ourselves on our diverse expertise. Our team is proficient in various design areas, including mobile and web design, responsive design, and SAAS CRM design. This variety in expertise allows us to cater to a wide range of design needs and preferences.

Shared Responsibility

We believe in sharing responsibility for the success of your project. This involves working collaboratively with you, incorporating your feedback at every stage, and making changes as necessary to ensure that the final design meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

Diverse Hiring Models

To cater to the unique needs of each of our clients, we offer diverse hiring models. Whether you need a full-time designer or a project-based professional, we have a suitable hiring plan for you. This flexibility in hiring models assures you get exactly what you need at a price you can afford.


Why should I hire a UI/UX developer from PradeepIT?

Hiring a UI/UX developer from PradeepIT is a worthwhile investment because of our team’s dedicated experts who stay updated with the latest design trends and technologies. Our experienced designers ensure the delivery of cutting-edge, engaging designs that not only elevate your product’s interface but also enhance user experience.

How much will it cost to hire dedicated UI/UX designers from PradeepIT?

The cost of hiring dedicated UI/UX designers from PradeepIT is competitive and offers excellent value for money. We understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions and therefore, our pricing strategy is designed to provide top-quality designs at affordable rates. For a detailed cost breakdown, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Do you provide a trial period for hiring a designer?

Yes, PradeepIT does provide a trial period for hiring a designer. This period allows you to evaluate the designer’s skills, adaptability, and compatibility with your project requirements. The duration of the trial period and its terms can be discussed further upon request.

How can I track my project's development or progress?

At PradeepIT, we follow an Agile project management approach that ensures transparency and constant communication. This allows you to track your project’s development or progress efficiently. Regular updates will be provided, and your feedback will be sought at every stage of the design process.

How do I know if a UI/UX designer is skilled enough?

Our UI/UX designers’ skills are evidenced by their portfolio of successful designs, years of experience in the field, and their ability to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. All our designers are vetted thoroughly to ensure their competence and proficiency.