The leadership team of PradeepIT 

With a strong team on your side, achieving your goals is much easier. It has a team of clever entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts who collaborate to achieve a shared goal. 

Driving C-Suite

Our intellectual leadership is carefully chosen to provide fascinating perspectives from professionals across sectors on the future of technology.

Our People

We’ve been in business since 2002, and our culture is based on trust, loyalty, and professionalism. Our people, their breadth of knowledge, and their love for technology are what make us one of Europe’s most active IT service providers.

Vinod Beli 

Global Vertical Head for PX / CX & Co-Founder 

Vinod Beli is the Co-founder of PradeepIT, a tech startup he laid the foundation for in 2015. Currently serving as the Global Vertical Head for PX & CX, he has propelled PradeepIT into a global presence. With a keen focus on innovation and customer experience, Vinod has played a key role in transforming the startup into a thriving company. His leadership has been instrumental in establishing PradeepIT as a dynamic force in the technology industry.

Prajna Bhavi

Chief Operating Officer

PradeepIT’s Chief Operating Officer is a strong leader recognized for her strategic vision and operational acumen. She maximizes efficiency and stimulates innovation inside the business, and she has a strong track record in technological leadership. Prajna’s collaborative style and commitment to quality make her a vital contributor to PradeepIT’s leadership team, driving the company’s development and success in an ever-changing technological world.

Puneeth Kumar

Chief Human Resource Officer [CHRO]

Puneeth Kumar, Chief Human Resource Officer at PradeepIT, manages the Recruitment Process Outsourcing division and Joint Venture Companies. He uses strategic HR management to align HR strategies with organizational goals, navigates RPO complexities, and drives collaboration within the organization. Kumar is a key leader in shaping PradeepIT’s workforce and strategic partnerships.

Girish Nakod

Associate Director Finance

Girish Nakod, the Assistant Director of Finance at PradeepIT, is responsible for overseeing financial operations and collaborating with the Chartered Accountant. His strategic approach and keen eye for detail contribute to maintaining fiscal responsibility and guiding the company towards financial success.

Everything the Staffing Industry Demands in 2023 

In today’s talent-scarce, extremely competitive market, a great employer brand is a requirement, not a luxury.  

According to the Randstad Employer Brand Research Global Report 2023, 66% of workers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region feel their companies provide prospects for professional growth, whereas in Europe the percentage is around 48%. 

randstad employer brand research global report 2023.

Case Studies

Access our database of case studies and read out about PradeepIT’s experience within staffing, recruitment, consulting and global mobility.

The Storybook Project

The Storybook Project’s success is dependent on the most exciting, entertaining, and inspirational stories from PradeepIT’s work and play. 

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