Extend the Boundaries of Your Tech Team with Exceptional Global Talent

At PradeepIT, we Carefully and diligently select top-tier Tech Talent to boost your existing workforce. Whether you’re on the lookout for expert web developers proficient in Java and .NET, or mobile developers who excel in android and iOS development, we are at your service, ready to assist you in any way we can. Our goal is to make your tech dreams a reality.

The software team extension model is like hiring a team of tech experts who will meet your company’s specific needs. It’s about finding the right tech talent who will seamlessly blend into your team, helping you navigate the digital world more effectively.

Team extension services let you expand your team beyond your in-house workforce, bringing in top tier experts from around the world. This is a cost-saving approach that gives you access to tech experts without the hassle and expense of creating an in-house team. So, if you’re facing a business challenge that your current team can’t tackle, don’t sweat it. Just opt for a team extension strategy and plug those skill gaps with ease.

Achieve Unparalleled Growth with PradeepIT

To drive your business forward, integrating adept specialists into your team is essential. Excellence in software development demands a team filled with top-notch professionals. PradeepIT stands by you in filling this critical gap, offering highly qualified expertise exactly when you require it. No more missed opportunities – with our prompt team expansions, your business will consistently remain a step ahead.

Expand Your Team Today, See the Results Tomorrow!
So how can you increase KPIs of your business with Team Extension Model…? Our team of experts are at your disposal to discuss your project and provide insights on how to leverage the Team Extension Model for your benefit.
Ask our experts and tell us about your project.
Expanding Teams with Ease

Our services extend beyond merely providing you with expert tech talent to augment your existing workforce. We ensure these hand-picked individuals align seamlessly with your team, driving your business objectives without the financial burdens commonly associated with full-time hires.

Comprehensive Industry Insight

Possessing deep knowledge of the industry, we understand the unique challenges your business faces. Our specialists stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies in the industry, ensuring that our solutions are always current and competitive.

Elite Tech Professionals at Your Disposal

Our strength lies in our top-tier tech professionals, who are unmatched in their respective fields. They bring an extensive array of experience to the table, ensuring they can contend with any challenge with expertise. As part of their commitment to excellence, they perpetually refine their abilities and stay ahead of any technological evolutions, ensuring our clients receive nothing short of stellar service.

Extensive Capabilities: Enhancing Your Collective and Goals

We can help assemble a skilled development team or just need that one tech expert to who can reach your new project goals. By understanding your vision and ideas, we can identify the type of tech talent you need to make your workflow more efficient. Our diverse industry experience gives us a unique insight into the hiring process of tech talent. This ensures that we can find professionals who are not only skilled but also perfect for your specific business needs or development objectives.

Key Advantages of Team Extension

Accelerated Access to Top-level Experts

  • With team extension, you’re not just hiring individuals, you’re accessing a reservoir of expertise. This drastically cuts down on recruitment time, even in competitive locations like Silicon Valley. 
  • At PradeepIT, we don’t just offer you candidates, we offer you experts that are capable of exceeding client expectations.

Communicate Effectively with an English-speaking Team

  • Building a team from scratch is time-consuming and expensive. With our team extension services, you get access to proficient English-speaking professionals who are ready to hit the ground running. 
  • This gives you a significant edge, particularly for growing projects where meeting deadlines is crucial. 
  • Don’t spend months hunting for the right candidates – with our innovative team extension approach, you’ll have qualified professionals ready to work immediately.

Cost-effective Solution

  • A team extension can be much lighter on your wallet compared to maintaining an in-house team. Savings on office maintenance, taxes and salaries can be channeled towards hiring top-tier talent. 
  • This cost-effective strategy allows you to prioritize quality and results, without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Control and Engagement

  • Team extension allows for better project control and engagement at every stage. It provides the flexibility of assigning complex tasks to team members, tailored to their unique skill sets. 
  • Whether managing an offshore team or a full-time team, task distribution can lead to more effective solutions.

Our team extension process

Lack of Expertise

Our current project team is facing a shortfall of expertise, and we are also grappling with inadequate team capacity.

Need for Data Management Experts

There is a pressing need for professionals who specialize in in-house data management solutions within our organization.

Expanding Project Needs

We are in the process of outlining a long-term project that necessitates the inclusion of our core engineering team.

Assistance with Cloud Services

We are experiencing a surge in demand for aid related to services provided by cloud software providers as well as cloud migration companies.

Enhancing Technology Outsourcing

The approach of team extension serves as a strategic move towards better tech outsourcing. In recent times, managing an extended team has proven to be more advantageous and aligned with business targets compared to solely relying on dedicated development team services.

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