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Why Hire SEO Experts from PradeepIT?

Want your website to shine online? Let PradeepIT’s SEO experts do the magic for you! Our handpicked talent is not just familiar with SEO; they are masters of it. With the years of experience, they know the ins and outs of search engines and how to keep your website at the top. Our experts use the latest tools and tricks to get your business seen. So why delay? Choose PradeepIT and make a big splash in the digital world.

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Local SEO

Let our expert SEO team take the wheel; we'll scrutinize your website or product, refine it for optimal performance, and ensure it makes an impact where it matters most - in your local demographic.

Global SEO

Why keep your business bound by borders? Our SEO maestros are ready to catapult your website to the world stage, optimizing it for an international audience.

Full Suite SEO

Get ready to experience SEO success that leaves no stone unturned. Our Full Suite service melds potent On-Page and Off-Page strategies for a 360-degree approach.

Great SEO is constructed on a solid content foundation. Trust us to craft high-quality, SEO-focused content that doesn't just engage – it converts.

Keyword Research

We dive deep into your competition and target market analysis, unearthing the keywords that will put each page of your website on the map.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Traffic's great, but what's the point if it doesn't convert? Our targeted CRO strategies turn your website visitors into tangible leads.

How to hire a SEO Expert through PradeepIT?


Share the Job Description

Describe the roles, responsibilities, must-have skills, required work experience, and budget.


Matchmake and review

Based on the job description shared, we'll match the best-fit profile/s and share within 48 business hours.

Shortlist & Interview

You select suitable candidates, and we schedule interviews based on your availability.

Onboard & Manage

We'll sort all the legalities and assist you with smooth onboarding as well as managing the talent.

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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire an SEO Professional?

If you’re serious about maximizing your online visibility and driving organic traffic to your website, an SEO Professional can be a game-changer. SEO can be intricate and continuously evolving, making it hard for businesses to keep up. An SEO expert stays ahead of the curve and implements strategies that can significantly enhance your online presence.

What Qualities Should I Look for in an SEO Professional?

Look for someone with a proven track record of successful SEO campaigns, a solid understanding of the latest SEO trends, strong analytics skills, and an ability to understand your business’s unique needs. Communication skills are also essential – they should be able to clearly explain their strategies and their anticipated outcomes.

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Hire an SEO Professional?

The cost to hire an SEO professional can vary greatly depending on the scope of your project, the professional’s level of experience, and the specific strategies implemented. It’s important to remember that while hiring an SEO professional can be an investment, the increased web traffic and conversions can provide a significant return.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from SEO?

Seeing results from SEO can take time — typically a few months. However, it’s important to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy. The best results often come from consistent, ongoing efforts. An SEO professional can help ensure that your website stays optimized as search engine algorithms evolve.

How Can I Measure the Success of My SEO Campaign?

An SEO professional should provide regular reports and updates on the progress of your campaign, including metrics such as website traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. These metrics can help you gauge the success of your SEO efforts and make informed decisions about future strategies.

Do I Need to Continuously Hire an SEO Professional?

While it’s beneficial to have ongoing support from an SEO professional, it’s not always necessary. Some businesses may only need a one-time audit and optimization of their website, while others may benefit from ongoing SEO services to maintain and improve their online visibility. Discuss your specific needs with an SEO professional to determine the best approach for your business.