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Our average rating stands at an impressive 5 out of 5.

Our average rating stands at an impressive 4.8 out of 5, based on feedback from 38 reviews.

Our average rating stands at an impressive 4.6 out of 5, based on feedback from 51 reviews.

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Maximize your free time with PradeepIT

Your go-to platform for freelance interviewers! As part of our exclusive family, tap into lucrative opportunities that seamlessly align with your expertise. We’re the pioneering, all-in-one freelance interviewers platform spanning various domains. Earning a substantial income is effortless, conducting interviews at your preferred location through telephone or video conference. Our commitment to confidentiality ensures unbiased decisions. Don’t miss out on the chance to leverage your talent and get paid for every minute! 💼💰

Mastering the Craft: Key Steps to Becoming an Expert Interviewer

Submit your resume to [email protected] to kickstart your journey with us as External Technical panel for PradeepIT.

A PradeepIT Branch Lead will conduct a thorough resume evaluation and manage the coordination process. Your career journey with us begins with your resume submission to [email protected]

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Our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) team has organized your interview schedule using IncFeed, our cutting-edge Interview Scheduling Software. Be prepared for a seamless and efficient interviewing experience.

Earn upto 88,000 INR per month* + subjected 10% TDS

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Optimized Investment

In a world where time is precious, leverage your expertise in interviews for effective and rewarding use.

Flexibility at its Best

The Freelance Interviewer Marketplace empowers you to schedule interviews at your preferred time and location, ensuring great flexibility.

Maximize Earnings

Joining our ‘Freelance Interviewer Marketplace’ could mean earning up to 1.5X more than your current salary—unlock your potential for higher income! 💼💰

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An efficient solution for evaluating skills

PradeepIT offers an efficient platform to evaluate job seekers’ skills using innovative technology. It simplifies recruitment and offers:

Customizable evaluations

Customized to suit your organization’s requirements, our adaptable assessments encompass a variety of technical and interpersonal skills, spanning coding, data analysis, communication, and problem-solving.

Simplifying the Hiring Journey

Seamlessly aligning with widely-used recruitment platforms and tools, our software provides features such as scheduling and coordination tools, candidate management tools, and robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

SME Assistance

Our support extends to assisting in configuring assessments, conducting interviews, interpreting results, and guiding hiring decisions throughout the recruitment process.

Comprehensive Analyses

Empower your decision-making with in-depth reports on candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, facilitating informed hiring choices and guiding targeted training and development initiatives.

Enhanced Productivity

Facilitating swift and straightforward candidate assessment results in heightened efficiency and precision, translating into valuable savings in time and resources.


Tailoring assessments to align with your organization’s distinct needs provides a high degree of flexibility.

External Panel Badges Program

Bronze Plans

• Criteria: Successful assessment leading to the selection of 1-2 candidates.
• Recognition: Badge and mention in communications.
• Earn Extra 10% from standard price

Silver Plans

• Criteria: Successful assessment leading to the selection of 3-5 candidates.
• Recognition: Badge and mention in communications.
• Earn Extra 15% from standard price

Gold Plans

• Criteria: Successful assessment leading to the selection of 6-9 candidates.
• Recognition: Badge and mention in communications.
• Earn Extra 20 % from standard price

Platinum Plans

• Criteria: Successful assessment leading to the selection of 10 or more candidates.
• Recognition: Badge and mention in communications.
• Earn Extra 30 % from standard price

With IncVid experience

Best Virtual Interviews with no impersonation

Our Video Interview Platform IncVid, with inbuilt ATS, is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to conduct technical and non-Technical interviews with candidates. Not only does it facilitate live interview interactions, but it also includes a live code compiler and real-time feedback system to assess a candidate’s coding skills. The platform is well-structured and robust, with a range of features to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for both the interviewer and the candidate.

High-quality video and audio
Live code compiler
Real-time feedback
Calendar integration

Collaboration tools
Customizable branding
Inbuilt ATS
Record & review Interviews

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Smart Interviewing Starts Here: Elevate Your Process with PradeepIT!

FloCareer’s interview as a service platform offers a stress-free hiring experiencewith its innovative AI-powered tools and experienced interviewers.

Interview Structuring Excellence

Craft a seamless interview experience with PradeepIT’s product page, offering customizable interviews, automated scheduling, candidate follow-up, communication, and integrated video capabilities. Elevate your hiring process for efficiency and precision.

Interactive Coding Mastery

Take your technical assessments to the next level with PradeepIT’s interactive coding feature. Conduct real-time coding challenges and evaluations to identify top talent, assess coding proficiency, and make informed hiring decisions.

Proctoring Confidence

Ensure the integrity and fairness of assessments through our strategic partner, InCruiter. Benefit from proctoring capabilities, including whiteboarding, screen sharing, recording, and fraud detection measures. Create a secure and trustworthy environment for online assessments with PradeepIT. 🚀💻